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Girone A

Race Coach (BB2) Confermato   Nome Steam BB2 Forum
Ironforge Spurs Dwarf Crazyblood   Gabriele Klemke Crazyblood Crazyblood Crazyblood
I panzerotti Dwarf contepitch   Piero Pitch contepitch contepitch contepitch
12° Brutti Bassi e Barbuti Dwarf enfilino   Andrea Nitti The Enforcer enfolino enfolino
Stellanello Gunners Chaos Dwarf Spartacus   Alberto Calvini Spartacus Amatorius Spartacus Spartacus Amatorius
Palle Flosce Chaos Dwarf Bittio   Bittio Bto Bittio Bittio Bto
10° I Buzzurri Chaos Dwarf Krestoner   Massimiliano Guerrieri Wuatanga Krestoner Krestoner
Girone B Race Coach (BB2) Confermato   Nome Steam BB2 Forum
Little Bittle Bottle Dwarf Hockeyfilo   Filippo Galli Hockeyfilo Hockeyfilo Hockeyfilo
I Barilotti di Ratatorskhr Dwarf Lupelius   Sergio Lupelius Lupelius Lupelius
11° Frenzies Giants Dwarf Dwarf Yellowzbaronz   Luigi Barone Yellowzbaronz Yellowzbaronz Orkogigio
Archaon Beards Chaos Dwarf gandalf78   Massimo Vaccaro  theghostwhisper gandalf78 Gandalf78
Dark Pick and Anvil Chaos Dwarf Alex Dellep   Alessandro Dellepiane Dellep Alex Dellep Dellp
CaosiNani Chaos Dwarf Fantaklaus   Claudio Rossi Fantaklaus Fantaklaus Fantaklaus



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