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  1. NAF News

    Hi all, For anyone unaware, we're about to start the election of our new TD over on the NAF forum. I'm not standing for re-election, so I wanted to pop by and say thank you for having me on your forum over the last three years, sorry for my lack of Italian, and I hope to see many of you again as soon as Covid ends. Cheers!
  2. NAF News

    Hi all, A very short tick over NAF TD blog for you this month, as we ride the pandemic and await BB2020. Some words from Australia and a smattering of other news. Cheers!
  3. NAF News

    Hi all, Back for September, it's blog time. News and chat from the Chaos Cup, some words on WC bidding and Nationals, and a look forward to Mar / Apr 2021 and hopefully, happier times. Ta!
  4. NAF News

    Hi gang, A quite short NAF Blog this month. Probably about a cup of tea of time investment, no more. Thanks!
  5. NAF News

    Hmm - sorry about that formatting. Your forum doesn't like Google Translate copy / paste, and I can't find a delete button!
  6. NAF News

    Ciao banda. Dopo una pausa ispirata a Covid, sto tornando in punta di piedi nel blog di TD. Dai un'occhiata qui per alcune riflessioni generali sull'estate 2020. Ci sono alcuni link consolidati su ciò che siamo stati fino a tardi, quindi vale la pena scremare se non hai seguito durante il blocco. Saluti!
  7. NAF News

    Good idea, Mad! Current news -  https://www.thenaf.net/2020/03/naf-live-dungeonbowl-dust-up/
  8. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi all! A short NAF blog this time, over at the NAF Wordpress. Cool stuff in Chile, additions to staff and signposts covering a big year of NAF BB. Thanks! Phil.   (I didn't get a round to a new thread. I don't want to clutter the place up. :P)
  9. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    This is very probably the wrong thread for this now, but even so, here is my first NAF TD blog of 2020. I'll look into somewhere better for my bump next month.  
  10. Glicko rankings

    Hi all, An exciting NAF ranking development today, as we are introducing our glicko global ranking system! We have been hosting and maintaining our racial glicko rankings for approximately two years now, and in the background, Nick / mubo and Ketil / kyrre have been working on the best way to implement a ‘global’ ranking using the glicko formula. For those not familiar with the global Elo rankings originally developed by Doubleskulls and now maintained by the Danish community, a global ranking treats all games played as if there is only one Blood Bowl race, and coaches develop one ‘all-in-one’ number. In the case of glicko, Stunty games have been removed from the calculation, as this is intended to improve accuracy. We hope that you will enjoy tracking your performance via this new ranking, and that those of you that consider yourselves more of a ‘generalist’ or perhaps felt a little undervalued by the racial system now have a reason to keep an eye on the glicko pages on thenaf.net. As a NAF coach, you now have four ways of tracking your performance over time (including global Elo), so lots of interesting numbers to look at! We are continuing to update and improve the glicko system in the background. The upload is now automated, the numbers update more frequently and we are working on adding glicko to selected screens on the membership website. For those of you that are very keen on the Elo numbers hosted there, fear not, this won’t be intrusive. Please join me in thanking Nick and Ketil for all of their continued hard work, we hope you enjoy the new system! Phil / Purplegoo. (Any questions, bugs or thoughts on anything glicko related, please post in the TFF thread.) (I tried to translate this into Italian, but Google Translate gave me an awful text that looked really ugly here. If someone reading could translate bits for me, that would be ace! :P)    
  11. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    November blogs are up. Hang on, isn't it December? It is. I gave this a few days so I could give the World Cup stock sale a timely bump. Go on, get yourself a nice Christmas present. As for monthly blogs, please find all the NAF news and views here and a review of a one day tournament I attended this past weekend here.  Cheers!
  12. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi gang,My October NAF TD blog is online. This month, what else? A heavy dose of NAF World Cup IV for you. Check it out here: https://www.thenaf.net/2019/10/tournament-director-blog-oct-19/.For those of you interested in the results of the NAF Annual Review process, these will go online tomorrow, November 1. Check thenaf.net for all of the detail.Cheers!
  13. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Just a touch late, here are my last blogs before Blood Bowl's big one in Dornbirn! September NAF stuff is dealt with here, and a report of my trip up to Newcastle for the 12th Geordiebowl here.  Since I'm making this post anyway, this month the NAF released the results of our variants review. Have a look here if you've missed them thus far. They're very pretty, even if you might not otherwise be interested! Going to Dornbirn? Pop over and say hello! Cheers!
  14. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello! A mercifully short NAF TD blog from me this month. We have some tournament news from New Zealand, as well as Lucca 2015 nostalgia as we get ever close to Dornbirn. I'll be back to double-blogging next month and covering a tournament I've played over on thetacklezone, I hope! Cheers.
  15. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi all, Having had June off blogging, I'm back with a bumper July edition. This month, we have reports from two NAF majors (Spike! in Canada and the Eucalyptus Bowl in Australia), along with notes from POW Town and the Copa Tenochtitlan. Of course, all of the usual news and updates are covered. While I'm here tugging your coattails, if you're interested in website developments / variants read this announcement, and to get across the 2019 Annual Review, this one. Cheers!