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  1. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello! A mercifully short NAF TD blog from me this month. We have some tournament news from New Zealand, as well as Lucca 2015 nostalgia as we get ever close to Dornbirn. I'll be back to double-blogging next month and covering a tournament I've played over on thetacklezone, I hope! Cheers.
  2. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi all, Having had June off blogging, I'm back with a bumper July edition. This month, we have reports from two NAF majors (Spike! in Canada and the Eucalyptus Bowl in Australia), along with notes from POW Town and the Copa Tenochtitlan. Of course, all of the usual news and updates are covered. While I'm here tugging your coattails, if you're interested in website developments / variants read this announcement, and to get across the 2019 Annual Review, this one. Cheers!  
  3. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello! A late one but hopefully a good one, as I look back on May NAF matters here and am probably the last of the NAFC bloggers to write-up my 2019 experience here. With any luck it was worth the wait! Cheers.
  4. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    I've just posted my April NAF TD blog here. No tournament report from me this month, but hopefully some nice stuff in the NAF blog including a cracking report from a Spanish GoT themed event. Nothing if not timely (no spoilers)! Cheers.
  5. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    It's that time again! Please find my NAF related blog here and my report of the 2019 Dungeonbowl here, complete with dungeon images and really bad MS Paint work. I might get better, one day! Lots of fun stuff this month, as ever. If you're in any way NAF-curious, take a look. Cheers!
  6. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi all! It's NAF TD blog time again. As ever, general NAF thoughts can be found here, and a tournament report over on TheTacklezone, here. This month, we cover tournaments in Stockport and Toronto, look at World Cup rule stats and I try and remember REVA Once in Valencia. There was a free bar, it is hazy. Cheers!
  7. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi gang! My first NAF TD blog of 2019 is live. Tune in for all your NAF tournament news needs, some lovely photos, WC chat and some good ideas for a June holiday. What's not to like? Cheers!
  8. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello gang! My final NAF Tournament Director blogs of 2018 are up and ready for your viewing pleasure (if this sort of thing gives you viewing pleasure!). NAF news and thoughts here, and a tournament blog here. This month, my own tournament, so an organisational playing hybrid. Some words from Beppe about the Italian Open this month! Cheers!
  9. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi gang, It's October NAF TD blog time, and this month, there is a lot of Eurobowl!  Just a note that tomorrow (Nov. 1) in the same place (on theNAF.net), the results of the 2018 Annual Review will be published. This will summarise the NAF's rules and guidelines for tournament play in 2019; our reaction to the new GW rules, as well as some other updates. For all review goodness, check back tomorrow! Cheers, Phil.
  10. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello all, It's that time again! Please find my August NAF TD thoughts here and a report from the field here. This month, tales from the pitch come from the UK's Thrudball tournament. There is still time to participate in the Annual Review via your staff, so please do! Many thanks! Phil.
  11. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hello all, I've not been about here for a while, so I thought I'd pop in. My July blogs are up! Check here (https://www.thenaf.net/2018/07/tournament-director-blog-july-18/) for the NAF stuff, and here for a report on the third Bilbao Team Cup, where some Italians did very well indeed. Some cracking images and words from TOs this month, and the BTC is a real humdinger of an event. Worth a skim with a cup of tea, if nothing else. A dangerous note to end on(!) - we are now >6 months into my time as TD - if there is anything you aren't getting from the NAF re: tournaments that you feel you should be, please do let me know. I hope we're covering your needs, but if we aren't, I'd like to know about it. Cheers! Phil. (Apologies for the hyperlink fail. Not sure why it won't do that!)
  12. New NAF Glicko Rankings

    Hi all, Some exciting news for NAF members today, as we are launching our new Glicko ranking system, implemented by Nick Harding / mubo. These rankings aren't designed to replace the Elo numbers you've been used to since NAF rankings began, they are simply a new way of processing NAF data and ranking coaches, and will run in parallel. The Glicko system is able to introduce new features that some coaches have wanted for many years, such as decay and greater reactivity. You can read more about how they work here and view the ranking page at thenaf.net here.  The system is currently in a 'soft launch' period, and if you experience any difficulty viewing the page or using the dropdown filters, please flag this up. The rankings will update on a monthly basis, and we hope the April update will be take us to a fully 'live' state. As we move forward, you can expect fun and interesting updates and developments to pop up on both thenaf.net and thetacklezone.net, and we'll advertise these as and when they become available. Finally, we'd like to acknowledge Kyrre for his great work parsing the games played in the database so Nick could work with the data and implement the system. Please join me in virtually patting Nick on the back for his fantastic work, and enjoy playing with the new system! Thanks, Phil. (P.S. Sorry for the English - but I thought this was cool enough to share! :D)
  13. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi all! My February TD blogs are up. Thoughts on tournament stuff can be found here and a tournament report (this time the Waterbowl - please forgive the massive image I can't seem to fix!) here. All comments in the relevant sections welcome! I'll probably stop dropping by and hassling you guys after this month, but will keep blogging.
  14. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi gang! I'm going to try and keep monthly blogs as I progress as TD. January's duo is now up. Thoughts on tournament stuff can be found here, and a report of a tournament I attended, this month the UKTC, can be found here. Enjoy, or not, either way, let me know by feeding back in the blog areas. I'll try not to come back and bump this every month, that would probably get annoying! Cheers!
  15. Elezioni presidenziali NAF

    Hi gang.  With Gaixo being elected NAF president, I have taken over as TD for the remainder of his term. I've set up a thread (if you're logged in to the NAF site, it's here: https://member.thenaf.net/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=7147) for if you have any questions , please pop over and say hello. I hope to see you guys at a tournament this year! Cheers! Phil.