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  1. Congelamento o Ritiro Team

    hi @Spartacus Amatorius  about the copper ok i play with the skaven teamor i can sack them and play whit my new team in the training Division if i can ? in the  silver division  what is going to happen cos next to my team  in the situation box the is  Promo Golden?  so what is going to happen pls ?? 
  2. Congelamento o Ritiro Team

    Nome team: Frullatori di cranio razza: Amazon Division: Training User: RastaJean
  3. Congelamento o Ritiro Team

    Nome team: Gzira United  razza: Orcs Division: Silver User: RastaJean
  4. pls can sam one set up the good LeaderBoards thx 
  5. @Axel sry but I cant play I have I nuder game on Tuesday same time but not online tabletop playing in the Malta league so sry for this but I forgot pls you can play a Nader day? forgetting what I sad I mess read the day good for me Thursday 6 pm 
  6. @Axel ok for me at 6 pm cu Thursday 
  7. hi @Axel I can Play from 5 pm till 9 pm from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday I let you know cos of work, let me know what suits you time and day but not LATE THAN 9 PM cos I have to wake up at 4 am for work thx good day 
  8. Hi @Lupelius i can play today at  9:00 pm or else next week From Monday to Friday i can Play around 5:00 pm till 9:00 pm cos i wake up early around 5 am Monday if you what we can play in the Morning but in the Afternoon i have Subbuteo training  
  9. @Spartacus Amatorius Y training taking so  Long every Year ??
  10. Me And @Matti74 Done the Match 2-1 Per il Grandi Gzira United 
  11. 3a Belin Cup - Iscrizioni e Regolamento

    TV 1630
  12. 3a Belin Cup - Iscrizioni e Regolamento

    Nome Team e Razza: Wicked Game, Dark elves Team Value: 1800 User Steam: JeaMarly User Blood Bowl 2: RastaJean User Discord: JeanMarly  
  13. lol ok good for me Thursday at 5 ix if ok I add you on steam but Discord is better than steam  @Asmodeus